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About Michelle

Relationship & Life Coach, Certified Neuro Change Practitioner & Advanced Hypnotherapist

Michelle is dedicated to helping people receive and achieve transformational change in their lives.

She does this through a variety of modalities and skill building tools. They include professional online workshops teaching on conquering the issues of the mind and life, 1 on 1 therapy, Couples counselling, personal performance coaching, clinical hypnosis for deep subconscious issues and behaviours or overall mental "help". Michelle specialises in life and relationship issues.

Michelle received her training in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy from the Alpha Hypnosis Training Academy in Auckland, New Zealand and her Training in the Ultimate Hypnotherapist System from Helen Mitas in Queensland, Australia. She also holds a Diploma in NLP and is a certified Coach through Calvin Coyle from Wild Success and Aspire Coaching in Perth. Recently she graduated as a Neuro Change Practitioner from the Neuro Change Institute in Australia. She continuously enhances her education staying current with new developments in the field of coaching, hypnotherapy and neuro studies steadily developing her unique technique in providing rapid and extraordinary change through her programmes.

Her passion is to see lives transformed from pain to pleasure in the shortest amount of time possible. If you seriously want to make a change in your life, the first step is easy... 022 6568937 and say hello.

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About Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind which relaxes the mind and body and allows the subconscious to be open to suggestion. All people virtually experience hypnosis on a shallow level many times throughout the day. Guided hypnosis, meaning a Certified Hypnotherapist guides an individual into hypnosis allowing for the individual to relax far deeper, making the body and mind relax deep enough to be able to take in suggestions in the subconscious mind that work therapeutically. Essentially hypnosis removes mental blocks and allowing for suggestions that bring about self-improvement, enrichment and desired changes. It is painless and carries no risks. It is a two-way communication process between a hypnotist and a client using guided imagery to make subconscious changes which bring forward desired results. It can be used for pain management, sports performance enhancement and focus, losing weight, smoking cessation and more. The uses are nearly endless.

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Other Services my business specialises in

My clients seek my services for a broad variety of personal issues with the intent to overcome them. Here is a brief list of the issues my clients gain victory over:

  • Habits like smoking, drinking, nail biting, lying, swearing, procrastinating, and day dreaming.
  • Non-narcotic addictions like porn, gambling, shopping, sugar, carbs, chocolate and video gaming.
  • Mental "Help" like Trauma, PTSD, OCD, IBS, Anxiety, Panic attacks, Depression and sleep struggles.
  • Fears and Behavioral issues like hypochondria, co-dependency, fear of rejection or abandonment.
  • Professional issues like writers block, public speaking, sales performance& leadership abilities.
  • Academic issues like easier learning, comprehension, memory & recall.
  • Spiritual issues like , grief and loss, struggles with temptation, forgiveness, heart break, feeling lost and discerning the calling or purpose in their life.