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Welcome, beautiful sister. You’ve journeyed far to arrive here, and I honor your courage. I'm here because I believe in the power of transformation and the unstoppable strength of a woman who decides to heal her past and embrace her future. If you’re between 25 and 55, you know life isn’t just about surviving; it’s about thriving with grace and authenticity.

My mission is to guide you through releasing the chains of your past. Together, we’ll explore the depth of your experiences, helping you let go of old hurts and embrace a growth mindset that lights up your path forward. I teach the art of authenticity, the strength in kindness, and the freedom that comes from being genuinely healed. It's about moving forward with a fierce determination to not just dream, but to do.

We'll work together to uncover and change longstanding patterns, transforming them into stepping stones for success. With each step, you'll find yourself more empowered, more inspired, and more in tune with who you truly are and what you truly want.

This is about more than healing; it’s about flourishing in your truest self, crafting a life filled with joy, peace, and fulfillment. Let's embrace this journey together, with open hearts and a bold resolve to make things happen. You are capable, you are deserving, and you are ready.  Let’s start today.

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Life & Mindset Coaching, Breakup or Divorce Coaching, Couples Counselling and Clinical Hypnotherapy Services

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Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Life & Mindset Coach & Neuro Change Practitioner

Customer Feedback

  • Hi Michelle

    Just wanted to say Congratulations on being recognized as one of the top 15 Coaches in Auckland in 2022 according to Influence Digest. That is quite an honor.

    Have an Amazing week!

    Regina Partain Bergman

  • I am writing this message to thank Michelle, but also to give others hope and the certainty that with her help you will prevail and that you will be transformed to better mental health than you would have thought possible.

    For the first time it had been pointed out to me that the rush and busyness of the daily grind coupled with the attempt to do everything well and to please everyone all the time was the culprit. The silent “assassin” was prolonged stress. Michelle had hit the “bull’s eye”. After four sessions, for the first time in my entire life, I feel content, to truly be myself.

    Michelle’s counselling and hypnotherapy sessions have been transformational for me. My children have their dad back, better than before. Friends, have their fun mate back. The true me has been unleashed and I like it. Thanks to Michelle, I now look forward to every day, and every day is an opportunity to pass on what I learned in her care.

    Michael Lee

  • If there is ever a question in your mind as to whether this type of therapy works or not, I can tell you now that it does.
    As for finding the right therapist, you can stop looking ... Michelle is simply put INCREDIBLE. Professional, well versed in multiple areas of treatment, honest, sincere and passionate - not only that but Michelle genuinely cares about your success. Trust me on this - Trust Michelle.

    Erica G

  • Michelle is a talented councillor that provided us with the tools to transform a 35 year old marriage of poor communication and misunderstanding into one where honest and open discussions gave us hope for the future. One lesson I will take with me into the future is “not hearing what isn't said” Thank you Michelle for not taking sides, you made us look at one another with new eyes.

    O & Y

  • Michelle is extremely professional and a warm, empathetic therapist who is intent on making a difference. The work she did with us as individuals and as a family was very helpful and made a noticeable difference to the family dynamic. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services to anyone in need of counselling or support in dealing with current and historic issues. Michelle is pragmatic and matter of fact but warm and caring in her approach. She is very easy to talk to.


  • Michelle totally changed my life around in 4 sessions. She is very calm and non-judgemental and really takes the time to listen to what you have to say. She made all my nerves about therapy vanish after 5 minutes of talking to her. My life has definitely improved after finishing my program with her. Also bonus points I think she is quite affordable and she is very flexible with her appointment times

    Cindy Looser

  • I went along to one of Michelle’s Release Stress Guided Hypnosis events at Old St Peter's Church,  Founders Park, Nelson and it was honestly one of the most amazing things I’ve ever done for myself. I’m an extremely busy person both with work and personal so decided to take time out of my day and see what hypnosis therapy was all about. From the minute I walked in, I knew I was in good hands, was in a calming safe place that I could truly relax. The whole experience is hard to describe but I left feeling totally relaxed, all the stress I was carrying was gone, and felt a new sense of energy and clarity. Would totally recommend this event or any of Michelle’s services to anyone. I’ve felt amazing all day- thank you so much

    Kay Jordan

Change Hypnosis FAQ

What is Hypnosis?

It is a two-way communication process between a hypnotist and a client using guided imagery to make subconcious changes which bring about desired results.

Essentially hypnosis removes mental blocks and allows for suggestions that bring about self-improvement, enrichment and desired changes.

Is hypnosis safe?

Clinical hypnosis is absolutely painless and carries no risks. Hypnotherapists are bound by the same kind of ethical code as doctors: "Do no harm." You are neither asleep or unconcious. You are alert and awake and can open your eyes at any time. Hypnosis cannot make you do things you don't want to do, you are in control of your thoughts and actions at all times.

How does the subconscious mind affect life?

Many people start to make the connection that there is something in their past, something deep in their mind that is the root cause of certain thoughts, behaviors and habits, etc. Most people in life fail to change because their subconscious mind does not allow the conscious mind to make permanent changes. Since hypnosis works with the subconscious mind, it can lead to making permanent changes in life easily and effortlessly.

If the root of an issue is in your mind, hypnosis can change it.

Are online sessions effective?

Yes, however it is personal preference. Please use the booking links provided in the services page to schedule appointments.

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Change Hypnosis FAQ

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